Pricing For R3M3MB3R  Is Simple.  

$10 a month and 10 cents a minute.

Your $10 monthly fee keeps your account open, and your minutes do not expire from month to month.

How We Charge Your Card:

We charge your card at $20  increments, and credit your account that same $20. (At your option, this can be set higher if you use the service a lot.)

How We Deduct Your Credits

We will deduct from your credit balance at the rate of

  • $0.10 a minute ( billed that one minute increments)
  • $10 a month. (deducted same day of the month that you signed up)

Your Free Trial

For your free trial, we will credit your account for a free month, as well as credit to use as minutes to try the service out.   We will not bill your card on your free trial until your account credit reaches zero as deducted by either your next monthly account charged on the following month, or by the minute you use.  (And on each call it will announce to you how many minutes you have left.) 

You can cancel your free trial anytime without your card being charged,  up to the point that you use your final minutes. At that point we will automatically charge your card $20.

To cancel is simple. Go to the bottom of your settings page and click the cancel button and that’s it.