FINALLY!!!!  A Call Recording App That Works With Android 9 PIE!!! 

Having issues trying to find a call recording app that works with Android 9  Pie? We know the feeling! In fact, when Android 9 got rolled out, we had our beloved call recording app yanked from our hands.

So we built R3M3MB3R Call recording and transcription service And it works with your Android 9 PERFECTLY!!!

R3M3MB3R Features:

  • Works on your Android
  • Records both parties in Crystal Clear clarity
  • Transcribes the call speech to text Keyword searchable in your own private call library
  • Record when you’re using your
    • Bluetooth.
    • Normal phone.
  • Does not require speakerphone to record both parties

Android Call Recording App History:

When Android 9 got rolled out, Google automatically blocked call recording apps from accessing calls while they were happening.   This prevented call recording apps from recording both sides of the conversation, saving the recorded calls with the contact ID such as the users phone number or name, and forced  users of call recording apps to turn on speakerphone if they wanted the apps to continue functioning.

The risk of  storing recorded calls locally on your phone

Typically, if a call is important enough to record, the data is valuable. If you lose your phone, or the  call recording app crashes, you lose your data.

With R3M3MB3R  All calls passed through our servers in the cloud. The call recording happens in the cloud, rather than on your local device. This means that if you lose your phone, you still keep your recorded calls as well as their transcriptions.

Free Trial

We’d love for you to take remember for a spin and see how you like it and we’re happy to give you a ONE HOUR of call recording time free of charge as well as a free month to burn that hour. To sign up simply click on the link below. 


Pricing for R3M3MB3R  Is simple.   $10 a month and 10 cents a minute.

Your $10 monthly fee keeps your account open, and your minutes do not expire from month to month.